IMRAB RabiesPreventing rabies should be a first-line priority.

The deadly threat of rabies has been recognized for centuries in humans, horses, and other domestic animals and pets. Mandatory pet vaccination programs have helped reduce the number of rabies cases in dogs and cats in recent decades, but the numbers have not declined as rapidly in horses.1

Rabies is a death sentence for horses.2 Its severity and public health risks make rabies one of the five core vaccinations recommended annually by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).3

IMRAB is the first name in rabies prevention.

  • Because there is no room for compromise with rabies — many veterinarians make IMRAB their first choice for equine vaccination programs
  • IMRAB is approved for use in foals 3 months of age and older4
  • Veterinarians have trusted IMRAB for more than 25 years5
  • IMRAB has protected more horses, cattle and sheep in the United States than any other rabies vaccine5
  • IMRAB 3 can be used in six species, including dogs and cats6
  • IMRAB also is available in a combination vaccine POTOMAVAC™ + IMRAB, which provides annual protection against both equine rabies and Potomac horse fever with a single dose.5

IMRAB can be used in a program with RECOMBITEK® Brand Equine Vaccines to help protect horses from all five core vaccinations recommended annually by AAEP.3

IMRAB Large Animal Usage
Dose Age Administration Desiccant (cake) Diluent (liquid) Package
2 mL
3 months
and older
Subcutaneous (SC)
or intramuscular (IM)
No desiccant Rabies virus — killed,
Pasteur strain, one-year
duration of immunity
1 x 25 dose


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