Potomavac PHF

Helping protect horses from Potomac horse fever.

Potomac horse fever (PHF) is a serious and deadly disease that continues to puzzle researchers. It has been recognized as a serious equine disease for nearly 30 years, yet details about it are still being discovered — including how the disease is transmitted.

One fact is clear — if PHF has occurred in your area, it will probably occur again.1

Fortunately, horses can be protected from the most severe effects of PHF with POTOMAVAC™ Potomac horse fever vaccine by Merial.

Feel confident using POTOMAVAC.

Research has proven POTOMAVAC is effective and safe to use. In one trial, 86 percent of horses vaccinated with POTOMAVAC were protected from disease. On the other hand, 90 percent of unvaccinated horses became sick with PHF and 20 percent died.2

Mortality - Morbidity Protection

The long history of safe use of POTOMAVAC is supported by a safety trial where only five mild, temporary reactions were seen in 406 vaccinated horses.3 In another trial there were no reactions or hypersensitivity, even after five vaccinations.4

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POTOMAVAC can play an important role in a successful vaccination program, which may also include other proven MERIAL® Brand Equine Vaccines to help prevent important core diseases and equine influenza.

Learn more about using POTOMAVAC and adding rabies protection with POTOMAVAC + IMRAB®.


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